We're Andras Media

A Tech/Design Company that wants to help you

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We understand that web design isn't simply cut and paste, so we let you customize our solutions to fit the needs of your company. If ever you require just graphic design, or just web development, we can do that. We insure that your site meets Google's SEO and business requirements as well as having your site work natively on mobile, not to mention following ADA compliancy. Aside from Web Design, we also work on Social Media Management, and general web advertisement.

Our systems are built using open source software which allows our customers to be worry free in regards to privacy and security on their sites. All of our solutions are hosted on a network of micro-services and are kept safe through encryption. While most companies get a customer's business based on a level of traffic alone, we make sure your site is the fastest and safest it can be. We pride ourselves on providing you with a site that keeps your privacy and security in mind, as well as providing you with the best for all of our services.