Who we are

Hey everyone, this is Andras Media. It’s been a couple months in the making but I’m finally ready to show release the site to the public. Andras Media is in short a small company that focuses on helping businesses navigate through the modern age.

We’re a team of passionate people, wanting to create and make a better web. Our team have experience working with major retailers and companies all across Texas.

For businesses, having a website isn’t really an option any more, it’s necessary. Websites are a form of advertisement, the hub where all your contact information should be, and should showcase your business better than any other medium. We make sure that your business ranks the highest it can on search engines by providing SEO by optimizing your website for every device. Along-side your websites, you’ll probably need social media managing, graphic design, training sessions, or even just general IT and web based consultations, which we do.

If you’d like more info about the company, or want to get a quote, feel free to reach out at contact@andrasmedia.org.

– Konstantine V

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